We help scanning clinics increase the intake of new clients. 

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Three key elements every scan clinic should focus on to achieve full booking

Consistent Clientflow

Consistent clientflow is about ensuring that your business constantly attracts and retains clients. It involves effective sales and marketing strategies that continuously generate new leads and convert them into satisfied clients. A constant flow of clients can maintain stable growth and success in the long term.

Positive sales mindset

It is about having a proactive approach to sales, where you focus on solutions and added value rather than simply selling. With a positive sales mindset, you are motivated to build long-term client relationships and achieve success with the client.

Tailored client process

You create unique and individual experiences for each individual client. It involves understanding the client's specific needs, goals and preferences and then tailoring treatments, solutions or services to meet these. In this way, you ensure that the client gets a personal and customized experience.

We have facilitated 15,000+ clients in Scandinavia



Over the past 3 years I have specialized in supporting clinics to create a constant flow of clients, every single month. In a very short time I have helped facilitate over 15,000 clients, and with that experience I have identified what works and what doesn't in the digital world. I have now developed a tailor-made system for scanning clinics, which creates a stable client flow every month.

Since 2019, I have been on quite a journey and it's been going fast: 

Played professional football abroad and made a living from it

Started my journey as a consultant and took most of the certificates within social media and advertising.

Has worked with +200 clinics in Scandinavia..

Worked with ambitious people who, through our course, have 2-10 doubled their turnover.

Gotten some of the best results and created the best solution for scanning clinics.

Do you want our help to get guaranteed clients in the clinic every month?

Our Solutions

Maximum Capacity

Our "Maximum Capacity" concept has already helped facilitate over 15,000 clients in the healthcare sector. The purpose of this solution is to fill your calendar with serious clients who are looking for a scan from a competent clinic.

During the course, we write your texts, put all the technical stuff together and at the same time we teach you how you can be responsible for your own effective marketing campaigns that suit your clinic and concept.

Unlimited 1:1 help and support.

Setting up tailored marketing campaigns.

We set up a fully automated CRM System.

We guarantee you the first 25 clients.

Clinic Partner +

The Clinic Partner+ solution was created for scanning clinics that want to leave everything technical and focus on their core competencies. As your dedicated partner, we handle all marketing activities, ensure maximum value of the advertising spend and at the same time provide continuous support + reports that give you an insight into all the value Lucca11 creates for your clinic.

Composition of ads and landing pages + optimization.

Administration of campaigns on Facebook, Google and Instagram.

Email marketing to clients to maximize value per client..

We set up a fully automated CRM System

We guarantee you 25 clients every single month.

You don't pay for anything else than customers!

Say hi to Danilo ๐Ÿ‘‹

A workhorse living in Copenhagen

I am a 24-year-old guy who lives in Copenhagen. Over the past three years, I have spent several thousand euros on self-development, books and courses to learn how digital marketing actually works. This has created the basis for the fact that I have been involved in helping +200 Scandinavian clinics to get clients over the counter.

Who else is Danilo?

A Happy and Family Loving Man

I come from a Montenegrin and Danish background. My family is my core, and with our large close-knit clan, our family dinners are more like a sitcom than a quiet dinner.

When it comes to myself, I am a special cocktail of Montenegrin and Danish fun. I have developed my own language, where Montenegrin expressions and Danish phrases merge into a unique Danilo dialect...

In fact, my family would say I was the kid with good stories and funny anecdotes. I am proud to be a Montenegrin-Danish family person and love to bring the interweaving of cultures to life in a fun and heartwarming way. So if you ever need a good laugh or a colorful tale, I'm your guy!

Love For Football

Since my first football training when I was 6 years old, I have always had a great love for the world of sports. I have played elite football since I was 17 years old and it drew me early on on a trip abroad. Young Danilo had to learn what it's like to live alone, cook and wash his own clothes, every teenage boy's worst nightmare ๐Ÿ˜ฐ. It was a journey I would never be without. But the time was right and I made an adult decision that my role in the big world of football should be as a spectator and not a player.

I still love watching football and am a big Liverpool fan, so if you are a Manchester United fan you can be allowed to pay extra๐Ÿ˜‰

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Our DNA.

Our values โ€‹โ€‹are not just something we wrote down and forgot. We live off them religiously. They define who we are as individuals and who we are as a company. 

1. Customer Satisfaction

Our success is directly measured by the success of our customers. We always start with the customer and work backwards from there. Our main focus is to add more value to our customers than anyone else in the world. Nothing is more important than this. Others in our company exist only to achieve this goal.

2. Focus

We try to direct all our energy as narrowly as possible. The areas that we believe will add the most value to our customers. We don't focus on everything else.

3. Extreme Standards

We set extremely high expectations for ourselves, and aim only to be the best in the world for our field. Our standards for who we hire and what results we must produce are constantly rising.

4. Speed

Speed โ€‹โ€‹is important to us. We value determination and execution. Every day we work to achieve our deadlines and goals. When our customers work with us, they quickly see the results.

5. Thinking Big

We think big on behalf of ourselves and our customers. We try to do things 10 times better than everyone else and set goals that seem unrealistic to others. These goals force us to stretch ourselves further and make better decisions.